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It happens far more often than you think: (1) a parent or other loved one dies and you find out that his or her last will and testament has been changed to benefit someone else at your expense; (2) you find out that that the title to accounts have been changed to joint names or the beneficiary designation on an account or insurance policy have been changed to benefit someone else or (3)you have siblings with whom you’ve always had good rapport and been able to work cooperatively. But when a parent dies and it’s time to take the estate through probate, the emotions that accompany the process can make it difficult to agree on anything. That’s when you want and experienced and knowledgeable estate litigation attorney. We can help.

At the Knee Law Firm, LLC, with offices in Hackensack, our lawyers bring more than 60 years of combined trust and estate experience to individuals across the state of New Jersey. We are a boutique law practice, with our primary focus on trust and estate/elder law issues. We bring extensive trial experience to every case we handle. We’ll handle all matters related to your dispute, gathering and preserving evidence, preparing and filing all documents and pleadings, and acting as your advocate in all hearings or proceedings.

We know how important it can be to talk to your attorney. When you retain the Knee Law Firm to represent you, you’ll always have access to one of our experienced lawyers. We understand how important it can be to get timely answers to your questions, so we maintain a strong commitment to full and timely communication.

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Our Estate and Probate Administration Practice
We handle all types of controversies related to or involving estates, including:

Will contests — We represent parties on either side of a dispute regarding the validity of a will or codicil. We handle claims involving, undue influence, lack of capacity, fraud or forgery, insane delusion, multiple wills or codicils, and failure to comply with formality requirements
Allegations of undue influence — We protect the rights of parties when there are allegations that someone exerted undue influence on an elderly or infirmed person to affect a change in his or her last will and testament, a change in a beneficiary designation on an account or insurance policy or to make lifetime gifts which deplete the estate.
Contested accounting’s — We’ll help you resolve disputes over estate assets, including the valuation of property and whether an estate has been properly administered in the best interests of the beneficiaries.
We will assist you with the amendment or reformation of a trust, if necessary, and can provide guidance with the interpretation of dispositive or controlling documents, such as wills, trusts or powers of attorney. We also handle estate litigation, including will contests.

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