Growing older in place is a valuable and important concept for the majority of senior citizens in the United States. There is one hidden problem that plagues many members of the senior population as well as their loved ones and family members-hoarding. Whether it is paper, objects, plastic bags or trash, it is a common problem for many seniors who become overwhelmed by their home environment and are unable to effectively cope with the issue.

We are all familiar with the cable television programs that spotlight this pervasive issue, but we do not necessarily relate this to the people who surround us. How many of you know an 80 something year old who will tell you that all is well on the homefront and agree to meet you at locations other than his or her home for get togethers. When you finally arrive at the front door of your senior friend, are you taken aback by the piles of paper and items stacked up in the home? If the answer is yes, then you understand this significant issue and have advanced to the first step of addressing the problem-recognition.

In weeks to come, we will post further information to enlighten readers on the subject. Stay tuned!

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