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21 Main Street, Court Plaza South, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
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5 Important Elements of a Will

Less than half of adults in the United States report having estate planning documents that include a will. If you haven’t yet begun to explore preparing one, the impact of foregoing this step could be significant for loved ones left behind. Below, we go over...

How to Tell If a Holographic Will Is Valid in Your Area

Is a Holographic Will Actually Valid? Over half of all states allow people to use a holographic will to bequeath their belongings to others. However, this type of will has some unique requirements if you want it to be legally valid. Whether it can actually be used...

Are Your Heirs Responsible for Paying Your Debts?

In most cases, your creditors will not be able to pursue your heirs if there isn’t enough money in your estate to cover all the financial obligations. The one exception would be your spouse. After a spouse dies, his or her debts remain on the books and they still need...

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Designating Beneficiaries

Many people have not properly designated beneficiaries for their retirement accounts, their annuities, or their life insurance policies. The problem is that many individuals make mistakes when filling out beneficiary forms, so these important documents are left blank...